Never Touch these Things at the Restaurant!

#1 – Menus

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Why you shouldn’t touch:

You touch the menu every time you go to a restaurant, and this is exactly why it is one the dirtiest items at the restaurant. The number of hands that touch the menus on a daily a basis is disgustingly scary, but what’s even scarier is how often these items are wiped down, which is never, or replaced, which is also never!

You may have already seen the waiter/waitress wiping the menu down, but they’re doing so with an almost never washed rag that’s already filled with germs. According to science, salmonella is able to continue living on a plastic menu for 72 hours while E. coli bacteria can manage to survive for 24 hours.

How to stay safe:

Do not lay a finger on a restaurant menu, particularly if you noticed it’s sticky or has food particles on. These only mean that it’s loaded with germs you don’t want to touch. Wash your hands with plenty of liquid soap and warm water, and make sure to use a sanitizer before you start eating.




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